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Directional Drilling

This trenchless method of pipe and cable installation allows us to install water, gas, power lines and communication cables, while circumventing roads, rivers, riparian areas, and environmentally sensitive landscape, reducing your costs and environmental footprint. Trenchless construction allows you keep trees, retaining walls, patios, and in some cases entire buildings untouched.

Trench digging and cable plowing

We provide full trench digging and cable plowing services should traditional methods of installation be the better choice for your business needs.

Engineering and Design

Our experienced and competent engineering staff can help you plan your projects to best maximize the efficiency of your installation while minimizing costs and disruptions.

Turn Key Services

Not only can we install your underground cable, we can also splice and connect cables providing you with a complete turn-key package.


Our hydrovac system is vacuum, water, and pressure combined in one mobile excavation unit to daylight underground utilities. High pressure water is injected into the ground to wash the soil from all underground infrastructures, without damaging them or the surrounding environment. The resulting slurry is vacuumed from the excavation at the same time and stored in a waste tank. Fast, safe, and cost efficient, hydrovacing is a fast growing alternative to traditional digging


Cable Splicing

Copper Cable Splicing: DGC is equipped to take care of all facets of copper and fiber optic cable splicing (i.e. manhole, aerial or buried).

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